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Find CNA Classes in Atlanta

Looking to break into the healthcare industry and start learning valuable skills to build your career? If so, becoming a CNA is a fast way to get started. We’ve assembled information about the best CNA classes in Atlanta to help you find the right program for you. We’ll give you all the information you need to compare programs to one another and decide which one offers the right combination for you. There are all types of CNA programs available in Atlanta, including hybrid online CNA classes, in-person, and even free CNA training!

Program Information

Our team has diligently researched and curated a list of the top CNA training programs in Atlanta. We offer a detailed directory encompassing a wide array of training options, tailored to meet your educational needs and career aspirations in the healthcare field.

Impartial Reviews

To help you make a well-informed choice, we offer thorough, impartial reviews of each CNA program in Atlanta. Our expert team assesses crucial aspects like program credibility, curriculum standards, faculty qualifications, hands-on training availability, and overall student satisfaction. These insights are designed to guide you in choosing a program that aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Our resources include informative articles, frequently asked questions, and practical tips, all aimed at deepening your understanding of the CNA role and setting you up for success. Our mission is to facilitate a seamless and beneficial learning experience for you in the world of healthcare.

In-Person CNA Training

For those who thrive in a traditional learning environment, classroom-based CNA training in Atlanta offers the ideal setting.

Hybrid CNA Programs

The integrated hybrid CNA programs in Atlanta blend online learning with classroom sessions, offering a comprehensive approach.

Online CNA Classes

These courses provide the flexibility to learn at your own rhythm, with 24/7 access to digital resources and support from qualified instructors.

Featured CNA Classes

in Atlanta

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Atlanta Technical College offers a Nurse Aide Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) program (Major Code: CN21), aimed at preparing students for patient care roles in various healthcare settings. The program combines classroom instruction, hands-on training, and clinical experiences, gearing students for employment in medical and surgical hospitals, nursing care facilities, and home health care services. Successful graduates may qualify to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) and join the State nurse aide registry.

The program's duration is one term, encompassing 13 credit hours, and costs approximately $3,799. It includes courses like Introduction to Health Care, Diet and Nutrition, Medical Terminology, and Nurse Aide Fundamentals.

Program Information Details
Cost $3,799
Program Duration 1 term
Class Schedules Information Not Provided
Prerequisites General college admissions requirements, documentation of Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis immunizations
Certification Eligibility Eligible to sit for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP)
Location 1560 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone 404-225-4420

Atlanta Career Institute (ACI) provides a CNA training program, designed to prepare students for the Georgia State Exam. The program, suitable for individuals aged 16 and above, focuses on fundamental patient care skills like bathing, feeding, dressing, and vital signs monitoring. It includes a curriculum of 22 skills taught through lectures, hands-on training, and videos, with online access for skill review.

Enrollment requirements include a BP cuff and stethoscope (available at ACI), a Basic Life Support course (offered at ACI), a recent TB test or chest X-ray, drug screening, COVID vaccination or test, and two forms of identification. Additional requirements for pregnant individuals and specific health documentation are also necessary.

Program Information Details
Cost $900 - $1000 (with deposit options)
Program Duration 6 weeks
Class Schedules Traditional: Mon-Thu, 8 am - 12 pm
Blended: Online + In-person (lab/clinical)
Weekend: Sat-Sun (first 5 weeks), Fri-Sun (clinical)
Prerequisites Clear criminal background check, full COVID vaccination, valid ID, social security card, negative PPD test or chest X-ray, negative drug screen, pass a physical exam, 18 years of age, US citizen, ability to read, write, and understand English (High School Diploma/GED not required)
Certification Eligibility Yes, upon completion of state-certified program
Location 1512 3rd Avenue, Suite 1, Columbus, GA 31901
Phone (706) 780-1168

Covenant CNA School, located in Marietta, GA, offers Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Medication Aide training programs with a focus on weekend classes. The school's mission is to train highly qualified CNAs and CMAs, emphasizing professionalism and quality in patient care. It seeks to empower and nurture students with constructive training, preparing them for their roles in healthcare.

The CNA training covers essential skills like blood pressure monitoring, vital signs assessment, proper body mechanics, and cleanliness, while the CMA program focuses on the responsibilities of medication aides in assisted living facilities in Georgia. The school serves a diverse student base, including those seeking career changes, high school students, military veterans and family members, and pre-health professionals.

Program Information Details
Cost $750
Program Duration Information Not Provided
Class Schedules Weekends, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Prerequisites Conversation with Admissions Rep
Certification Eligibility Must complete registration and initial deposit for participation
Location 2470 Windy Hill Rd SE, Marietta, GA 30067
Phone 770-315-7430

Free CNA Classes

In Atlanta, we understand the importance of accessible education in pursuing your career goals. Therefore, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of local organizations offering free CNA classes or training sponsored by employers.

These programs are more than just educational opportunities—they are gateways to meaningful careers in healthcare. They equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge, setting you on a path to make a significant impact in patient care and the broader community.