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About CNA Classes in Atlanta

Our Mission

At CNA Classes in Atlanta, our goal is to establish ourselves as the leading online destination for all information related to CNA programs, classes, and schools in the bustling city of Atlanta. We dedicate ourselves to regularly updating our directory with the latest and most accurate information, offering this essential resource completely free to our users.

Our aim is simple yet ambitious: to be your go-to source for detailed and comprehensive data on CNA programs in Atlanta. We recognize the complexity and variety of choices available, which is why our team is committed to carefully selecting and presenting only the top CNA schools and programs. For those interested in pursuing a CNA certification, we provide a wealth of informative articles and videos. Make sure to check out our directory to find the CNA school that’s right for you.

Our Vision

We envision an Atlanta where every healthcare facility is staffed with skilled, empathetic, and dedicated nurses. These professionals should not only be passionate about their work but also receive fair compensation and recognition for their vital role in healthcare.

Our Team

With a strong background in medical expertise and a deep-rooted connection to Atlanta, our founders and development team are passionately involved in the healthcare sector. They bring their knowledge and commitment to enriching the healthcare landscape of Atlanta, particularly in the realm of CNA education and training.

Michael Smith

Menna Lopes

Jenny Hersh